Employability Skills Enhancement Program(ESEP)

Unemployment rate in Tanzania is 7% as per the National Bureau of Statistics. Graduate employability has become a thorny issue in the economies developing countries like Tanzania. Stories of hardships that graduates face in finding employment and employer dissatisfaction with graduates seeking employment despite the fact of them being seen as the key to economic success.

Their poor professional preparedness for the workplace has resulted in the creation of the common descriptor of ‘half-baked’ by many employers. The poor preparedness which is lack of the required soft skills has caused many graduates to be unemployable as well as being self-employed.

Through this project on going University students and graduates are being equipped with 21st Century Skills including  Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, Technology literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity and Social skills to prepare them to be competitive in the job market.