Digital Literacy Project

Education has advanced from the conservative classroom experience, mainly with the coming of inventive initiatives around digital literacy. Lately, digital literacy has fast developed to be a primary system of communication and information transfer, taking over from phone calls, letters, and even direct contact. Business dealings without direct interaction would have been rare decades ago. Digital literacy is the capability to find, utilize evaluate, create, and share content using information technologies. Digital literacy is no longer limited to the books students can grasp within their hands. It also outspreads past eBooks to comprise social media, websites, videos, and cooperating with others across the world. Students should study how to find quality sources and assess their efficiency to help them achieve their task or purpose. They should also learn how to utilize those sources to motivate their unique ideas to be shared with others. These skills are vital in assisting students to prosper past graduation. Digital literacy supports students’ networks with their digital world efficiently.

Digital literacy is vital to enabling students to become lifetime learners. It teaches them crucial life skills in addition to academic skills. Digital literacy can involve students in the course of learning in all features. Students can utilize technology to assist them to recall new information. They can even utilize social media to obtain answers to their questions and network with people across the world. Digital literacy is not just online reading; therefore, schools must treat it differently.

When combining digital and traditional literacies, not only do students learn how to read and write, but they also learn how to expand their communication, language and media skills. They grow and engage the world through images, diagrams, audio and video media, taking their reading and writing skills to a higher level of learning. They also develop dynamic creativity that helps them think, communicate, design and engage in the world around them.

Under this project students are being equipped with the following contents as far as Digital Literacy is concerned.