TEDI Entrepreneurs Generator Program

With a growing demand for the jobs and economic growth that entrepreneurs bring to their local and national ecosystems, there is an accompanying need to better prepare the next generation of risk-takers from a younger age. Unfortunately, that is not an easy task, as entrepreneurship requires a mix of soft and hard skills in the individuals themselves, not to mention the right blend of policies and programs in schools to support an encouraging startup culture among youths from primary schools.


  • The learning experience includes teacher-led content, and selfguided content to support flexible implementation options.
  • There are a series of three core modules, with each module comprising multiple 45-minute sessions.
  • Modules can be offered together or as stand-alone experiences to meet the diverse needs of educators and students.
  • Each module offers a culminating, self-guided project for students to create an artifact that allows them to apply what they have learned.