Aims at improving the level of digital literacy level amongst students (16years 19years) from the public Secondary schools from the under rivileged areas in Tanzania.
We are aiming at building 3 Computer Labs with 10 30 Computers for 3 Public Secondary Schools in 3 Districts ie. Kisarawe, Morogoro and Gairo in which we shall be equipping students (16years 19years) and teachers from these schools with Digital Literacy Skills and Coding.

           Along with having computer labs beneficiaries will be equipped with the following digital literacy skills in the following topics in summary. Digital Literacy awareness
Information and data literacy
Digital Rights ; Privacy, Cyber Laws,
Digital Safety & Security
Digital Communications/Collaborations: interacting through digital technologies
Digital Problem solving
Digital Emotional Intelligence

Digital Empathy
Social and emotional awareness
Digital content creation; Graphics

Managing digital identity
Opportunities in the Digital World.

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